About the owner

Hi, my name is Logan Fairbrother, and I am a type one diabetic, I current live in the UK, and living with Type one has made me very stressed at some times, it’s not easy, the lows, the highs, the middle night lows, highs but I am brought together with the other fellow type one diabetics out there, the type one diabetes community is an amazing place, meeting new diabetics, making diabetic friends, hearing there diagnosis story’s and there journey from where they are now, it’s incredible.
My aim with Diabetical is to raise the awareness of T1D and that taking and getting involved with diabetes events, camps, and more does really help and can make friends. 
10% of money made by Diabetic is going to JDRF, who work to find a cure and prevent, and treat type one diabetes. 
I am an ambassador for JDRF, and they have helped me though quite a lot, physically and mentally, last year I raised over £250 for JDRF I hoped this year that I could raise more money for JDRF and other diabetic charities. 

Thank you for supporting me and the team 

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