Yes, we are still taking in orders and shipping our products.
please note products may take longer to fulfill and could take up to 15 days, we are very sorry about this delay, your order may be with you Whithorn 6 days however, we hope to be back to normal (4-7) days very soon, thanks  for understanding.
if your delivery doesn’t arrive within 17 Days please contact us on our Instagram. They may also be a slight delay in the process of your order. Normal delivery time is around 4-8 days after fulfilment. Fulfilment due to Covid19 is 4-5 business days.
Updates on COVID-19 will be posted on our Instagram page through out the rough time. Please note this page may not be updated to your current time and date.
Thank you, and stay safe, Logan!
Page last updated 22/06/20 at 20:58 PM BST